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    In this section, we will tell you about the main ways to replenish the account (Donations) Credits on the server Universe Mu. Conventionally, payment methods can be divided into 2 groups: automatic and manual. Automatic (without the participation of administrators). Plus: - there is no need to wait for administrators to process your payment; Minus: some payment methods have a commission that ranges from 0 to 7%. Automatic payment methods include the following payment systems: PayPal is one of the most popular payment systems in the world. It allows you to receive in-game currency (Credits) using credit cards such as VISA, Master Card, Maestro, Discover, American Express. Commission: from 2% to 7% (depends on the country). To manual: WebMoney is a great opportunity to pay from a virtual wallet, but you must have (or create) an account on the WebMoney website. You can also replenish our account through the terminal. Commission: from 0.7% to 2%. www.megastock.ru Here is the certificate of our WM identifier 174896975744. Here are our wallets: Z164569887033 R347258714095 E285351870962 After the transfer of funds, it is necessary to inform the Skype administrators about your payment (give the amount, date, server and login from the game account); The minimum order amount is 100 Credits. 1 credits = 0.02 (WMZ) 1 credits = at te rate of google (UAH) 1 credits = $ at te rate of google (RUB) 1 credits = 0.02 $ (WME) ALSO POSSIBLE OTHER DONATING METHODS, WRITE IN MORE DETAILS TO DISCORD, INSTAGRAM, VK OR SKYPE. DATA ON SITE LEFT BELOW PLAYER STATS. You do not buy anything and we do not sell anything. You are on your own initiative helping the server to the extent that our server can help you. An exchange is considered an equivalent donation. You help the server, we help you for it. Therefore, we do not accept any claims regarding the safety, quality, guarantees. We do not give any guarantees. If you do not agree with the above, leave this page immediately.