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Rules (Правила) in English

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The rules are intended for all players, regardless of their level, reset, a certain status and the number of things on the account. If you notice that someone is violating one of the points, you have every right to report this incident to the Forum in the Prison section. Before creating a blocking request, you need to take into account some of the subtleties of drawing up applications that are spelled out at the very bottom of this page, or rather, paragraph 2.3 (Rules for submitting a blocking request).

1.1 Cheating

Using any programs and scripts that help in PvP, teleporting along specified coordinates, dueling, CFG scripts, playing together (three, etc.) on one keyboard, playing on several keyboards at once, using possible server or site bugs , changing the game files, and also forbidden to help other players in using these violations or to persuade them to do so. Even the usual unsuccessful attempt is considered a complete violation. We advise you to first of all think about not to lose your account because of some stupidity, an appeal in this case will not be possible.

Punishment: from 7 days to permanent blocking. It is also possible full or partial confiscation of things.

1.2 Insult, obscene language

It is forbidden to use foul language in the form of personal messages, global chat, etc., with the exception of chat guild and alliance (in some cases, for insults, we can block for these chats), insults are a violation of general social rules, also The list of violations includes offensive expressions towards other players, inciting any kind of hatred on the basis of race, age, gender or place of residence of a person.

Punishment: from 2 hours to 30 days. Possible and permanent account lock.

1.3 Selling, sharing or donating an account

Currently, the sale, exchange or donation of any account to another person is strictly prohibited. Under any circumstances, it is worth remembering that by accepting such (purchased, exchanged or donated) account you will still find yourself in an annoying situation, despite the fact that even if you are given an account along with an e-mail. We explain that the original mail host (e-mail) in any case, if you wish, will be able to access your mailbox, even after changing the password, the changed secret question and linking another mobile phone, this will not save you. In addition, the administration is still quite easy to trace the ip-address of the current owner.

Punishment: from 1 month to permanent account blocking.

1.4 Cheating

Cheating players or server administrators for personal gain. It is forbidden: to breed other players, steal other people's things, distribute viral software, fraudulently obtain things or resources of other players, etc. It is worth noting that if the account owner turns to the administration, we will apply maximum force to the investigation regarding each participant in the incident. The intruder (thief) is sent to a permanent ban, with all his accounts, the culprit also receives a block on hardware that prohibits playing on all of our servers. Absolutely all operations for the transfer of things, loans, sales to the store and others are monitored by the administration, do not need to think that you are the smartest.

Honest players:

Be extremely attentive and beware of fraudsters, in any case do not accept any programs from them (be it a super clicker, or cheat loans) who want to get your passwords from your account and e-mail a lot. Conduct all transactions on the server using offline trading or selling through the gaming personal store (store). Also, with a very worthwhile deal, you can ask someone from the administration to serve as a guarantor. All current representatives of the administration you can see in the game guild ADMINS.

Punishment: from 7 days to permanent blocking.

1.5 Selling or buying items for non-game currency

Sale or purchase of items, bonuses, items, etc. is prohibited on our server. both for real money and for virtual money units.

Punishment: from 1 month to a permanent unit.

1.6 Advertising

Advertising of other game servers MU Online is strictly prohibited. Other online games are also included.

Punishment: permanent lock.

1.7 Giving yourself as an administrator

It is forbidden to create nicknames similar to administrator ones, by replacing both one and several similar letters. It is not allowed to create guilds containing an ADMIN prefix or similar. Issuing yourself as an administrator or a game master is one of the most serious violations.

Punishment: from 7 days to a permanent block with complete removal of the character.

1.8 Disrespect

Insult, swearing, obscene language in the direction of the administration where either, in the game, on the forum, in technical support, Skype and other Internet resources.

Punishment: from 5 days to permanent blocking on the forum or in the accompanying social network. If necessary, the full block of the game account.

1.9 Interference during quests or other events

It is forbidden to interfere with the game master and administration during any activities.

Punishment: from 2 hours to 7 days.

1.10 Incorrect / obscene names

The use of obscene / incorrect words in the names of characters or guilds is not allowed. These are the names that contain an insult to other players, or create ambiguities in addressing a nickname, mangling.

Punishment: from 1 to 30 days, complete replacement of the nickname or guild name.

1.11 Castle Siege

In the throne room is forbidden to be characters whose guilds do not participate in the siege. Or stand on the buttons, if your guild participated as fake when taking the Sign of Lord.

Punishment: 3 to 30 days.

1.12 Duel

The use of duels is not intended, the use of any muddy schemes.

Punishment: 2 to 14 days.

1.13 temporary lock

This item is a temporary blocking of a player whose violation has not yet been proven, in other words - blocking until the end of the proceedings.

1.14 Global chatting

Long communication (more than 10 messages from the participant of the dialogue) in the global chat, in a language other than the main server (Russian, Ukrainian, English). For long communication in any other language, use.

Punishment: chat blocking from 1 to 24 hours.

1.15 Voting on ratings

It is forbidden to cheat votes using third-party applications, regardless of the number of your accounts.

Punishment: from the confiscation of gaming property to complete blocking of the account.

1.16 Playing on someone else's account

The ban on the game by someone else's character in the absence of the owner of the account. We have every right to bind an account to one specific computer (it will be impossible to enter the game from another computer). We also have the right to completely block an account until the owner returns.

Punishment: from linking an account to one computer to a temporary lock.


1.17 Prohibition of mass drains

In the game at low rates, there is a ban on mass CIPs (including offexp) of all in a row. Respect other players if there is a conflict with someone, because of this, do not let other people and beginners play.

Punishment: from Warning to blocking all accounts of the violator.

2.1 Security

For security reasons, it is not desirable to have an account password the same as that of mail.

On the mailbox, you need to put a not easy answer to the secret question when you restore your account.

Change your account password at least once every two or three months.

In no case is it advisable to enter the login and password of the account on other third-party sites and try to not enter the e-mail address on other suspicious sites to the maximum, we recommend using e-mail exclusively for playing on our server.

Be afraid to take some programs from your friends or unfamiliar people.

2.2 Nicky Administrators

All administrators, quest masters and moderators are members of the ADMINS guild. Main administrators: Storme, Speedy.

Storme has characters: Admin, Admin1, Admin2, Admin3, Storme

Speedy has characters: Speedy, Speedy1, Speedy2, Speedy3, SpeedyGM.

A complete list of all game masters, administrators and quest masters can be viewed in this section.

Exceptionally, the characters from this list are administrators of the Universe game server. All others who say that they are supposedly administrators (or friends / relatives of administrators) are common scammers. If you are not sure that the “administrator” who wrote to you is really in this position, then carefully read this paragraph. All nicknames of the current server administrators are always written here.

2.3 Rules for filing an application to block the offender

To properly apply for the Forum in the Prison section, you must fill in these points:

1. Game server;

2. Which item of the rules is violated (see above);

3. Nickname player intruder;

4. Provide proof in the form of a screenshot or video. Screenshot upload to your disk (google, yandex, mega, etc.) or absolutely any site-hosting;

5. Your gaming nickname.

In no case should the screenshot be cropped, smeared, etc.

For each violation case, we create a separate topic with the name and paragraph of the violation (for example, Admin 1.2) in this section.

2.4 Partial amnesty during the siege of the castle

Partial amnesty is available only to the head of the alliance and only during the siege of the castle, this application can be used if all items are observed.

1. If the violated item is in this list: 1.2, 1.8, 1.9, 1.12, then the character is released on the siege.

2. In some cases, in case of violation of paragraph 1.1 of the rules, a temporary amnesty is possible only if the guild of the banned GM is the owner of the castle.

3. If the violated clause of rules 1.1, then the character may be granted an amnesty for a siege only 14 days after the ban.

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